Plenary Session

There will be a Plenary Session in the morning  where the Invited Speakers from world’s leading universities will give speech and share their thoughts to the participants regarding “Prophetic Approach Towards Global Peace & Harmony” as a major theme of the summit itself. The sessions are divided into 3 sub theme  from different disciplines to engage in an intellectual discussion of a particular sub-theme.

  • Session format : Presentation of individual papers
  • Presentation duration : Not exceeding 15 minutes each paper
  • Q & A duration : Not exceeding 15 minutes per session

The program committee will select proposed papers and arrange the sessions accordingly.

The sessions will be arranged according to the sub-themes. This will enable participants from different disciplines to share ideas and have a wider understanding of the theme and sub themes.

The presentation venues are equipped with a computer and LCD projector. Speakers shall send their Ms. Power point a week before the plenary session. Invited speakers who wish to change their Microsoft PowerPoint slides on the day of presentation should save their slides into a USB drive for this purpose.

For Full Paper Guidelines

For Publication :

Selected paper will be published in our Journal :

1. Journal Maalim Al-Quran Wa Al-Sunnah


2. Journal of Hadith Studies


3. Journal Of Quran Sunnah Education & Special Needs